Warren Buffet’s 3 Step Strategy for Success

One day Warren Buffet was sitting in the cockpit of his plane with his pilot, Mike Flint.

They were having a conversation.

Flint asked Buffet what it takes to succeed.

Buffet shared with him the following 3 Step Strategy for Success:

STEP #1 Top 25 Goals

Buffet had Flint write down his top 25 Goals.

STEP #2 Top 5

Next, Buffet had Flint circle his Top 5 Goals.

STEP #3 Eliminate Secondary Goals

Buffet then had Flint transfer his Top 5 Goals onto a separate piece of paper and asked Flint to transfer his 20 Secondary Goals onto another separate piece of paper.

Buffet told Flint that those 20 Secondary Goals are goals to avoid at all costs.

The purpose of this exercise was to help his pilot decide on the goals he wanted to focus on and to ignore all other goals.

The key to success is to focus on what’s most important to you.

Buffet’s 3-Step Strategy for Success not only helps you to define those things that will have the most impact on your life but also helps you to define those things you should ignore at all costs.

Those 20 Secondary Goals represent distractions; things that are not a good use of your time and which will distract you from pursuing your most important goals.

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