Twitch Is Laying Off 500 Employees In Latest Round Of Job Cuts – Report

Twitch is reportedly laying off 500 employees, or a staggering 35% of its own workforce, soon.

According to Bloomberg, the job cuts could come as soon as Wednesday. However, Twitch has not made any official announcement yet and declined to provide a comment to Bloomberg. This comes after former CEO Emmett Shear stepped down last March after 16 years with the company. Former vice president of creator and community experience Dan Clancy replaced him as CEO.

During the same time, Twitch also laid off 400 employees. Amazon owns Twitch, and this isn’t the only aspect of the company that was impacted by layoffs. Amazon laid off 180 employees on its Crown Channel and Game Growth teams back in November 2023. Last month, Twitch announced that it would be shutting down in South Korea in February 2024 as Clancy said that it was prohibitively expensive to operate the streaming service in the country.

Unfortunately, layoffs continue to run rampant in the new year within the video game industry after 2023 was already a brutal year for developers. Unity is also poised to lay off 25% of its workforce soon.

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