Today’s Connections Solution and Clues (March 26, 2024)

Connections is an addictive puzzle from the geniuses at the New York Times. It requires players to find the connections between 16 words, and place them in four groups of four. We have the solution to Connections for March 26, 2024, along with clues to help you solve it yourself.


Today’s Connections (Puzzle #289) Category Clues

Today, as every day, you need to split the 16 words that make up Connections’ puzzle grid into four groups of four based on specific categories. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, we’re on hand to help you solve today’s Connections puzzle.

If you want to jump straight to today’s Connections solution, scroll past the next spoiler warning. However, if you’d rather see some category clues designed to help you solve it without giving the answers away first:

Yellow: “Things you play in a band or orchestra”

Green: “Associated with plants”

Blue: “Take care of something young”

Purple: “Things that travel from the Sun to Earth”


Today’s Connections Solution for March 26, 2024

If those clues weren’t helpful enough, and you find yourself struggling to beat Connections without running out of mistakes, here are the solutions for all four categories:

Yellow: “Musical Instruments” = BASS, BASSOON, HARP, RECORDER

Green: “Plant Growths” = BLOOM, BUD, SHOOT, SPROUT


Purple: “Solar Emanations” = CORONA, FLARE, LIGHT, RADIATION

What Made Today’s Connections Difficult

Today’s Connections puzzle was especially difficult due to two main things:

  1. The green and blue answers share a lot in common, as growing plants and raising children both require nurturing (though obviously to different degrees).
  2. There are four brands of beer here (Bass, Harp, Bud, and Corona), plus Foster is only one letter away from being a fifth.

Our Top Tips to Beat Connections Every Day

  1. Shuffle the words as many times as you need. Shuffling the words around means you’re more likely to spot the connections.
  2. Look for differences as well as similarities. The NYT is trying to trip you up, so look for what divides the words with similar meanings.
  3. Take your time, and don’t rush into a guess. Connections isn’t a timed challenge, so you have the luxury of planning everything out.
  4. Look for common themes over time. The more you play Connections, the more you’ll spot recurring themes cropping up regularly.
  5. Tune into the NYT editors’ way of thinking. It’s the puzzle setters you’re competing against, so you need to understand their game plan.

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