These Streaming Services Have the Most Dolby Atmos Content

Key Takeaways

  • Dolby Atmos provides immersive sound quality on streaming platforms.
  • Netflix, Paramount+, and Max offer Dolby Atmos titles with varying subscription requirements.
  • Apple TV and Disney+ are top choices for Dolby Atmos content, which is included for all subscribers.

Dolby Atmos provides superior sound quality in any application, including streaming services. The benefits of streaming in Dolby Atmos are plentiful, including superior sound depth, clarity, and a more realistic surround sound experience due to its three-dimensional sound.

While not all popular platforms include Dolby Atmos titles to stream, the following are the best choices for title availability and accessibility.


Netflix hosts a fluctuating number of Dolby Atmos-enabled titles. However, Dolby Atmos titles are only available to premium subscribers, so users without a premium subscription won’t see any Dolby Atmos playback options.

For those who have subscribed to the premium tier and are streaming with a Dolby Atmos-enabled device, set your streaming quality to Ultra HD, High, or Auto. After that, no extra action is needed by users to enjoy a film in Dolby Atmos.


Paramount+ Homepage with Criminal Minds Ad

Paramount+ provides Dolby Atmos titles to all subscribers. The streaming platform hosts a handful of blockbuster hits, such as The Lost City, in Dolby Atmos.

To determine if the title you wish to enjoy is available in Dolby Atmos on Paramount+, search for the Dolby Atmos badge. The badge will appear on the Dolby Atmos-equipped title page of films and TV shows. If no badge is present, the title cannot be streamed with Dolby Atmos.


Max Dolby Atmos title with House of the Dragon

Max hosts an impressive lineup of Dolby Atmos titles. However, Max only offers premium-quality streaming to certain subscription tiers. Dolby Atmos is included within this restriction.

To enjoy Dolby Atmos titles hosted on Max, a user must subscribe to the Ultimate ad-free plan. Once subscribed to the appropriate tier and using a Dolby Atmos-equipped device, a plethora of popular films and TV shows will appear with the Dolby Atmos badge on title pages. This includes the wildly popular Max TV show House of the Dragon.

Disney +

Disney+ Dolby Atmos title with Moana

Disney+ and Dolby Atmos make a wonderful pair. Unlike most other streaming platforms, Dolby Atmos is included in the base Disney+ subscription tier. This allows all subscribers to enjoy superior sound quality when paired with a Dolby Atmos device for no additional cost.

As Disney+ automatically plays titles in the highest sound quality possible, there is no need to take any additional steps to enable Dolby Atmos. All enabled titles, including fan favorites such as Star Wars and the Marvel franchise, will indicate that Dolby Atmos is available with the Dolby Atmos badge within the title’s details section.

Apple TV

Apple TV Dolby Atmos title with Ted Lasso

Apple TV is one of the best streaming platforms for Dolby Atmos because it includes the service in the subscription at no extra cost.

Apple TV hosts a large library of Dolby Atmos titles. This volume is primarily because most Apple originals, including Ted Lasso and Prehistoric Planet, are available in Dolby Atmos.

To determine if an Apple TV title has Dolby Atmos, look for the Dolby Atmos badge on a title’s landing page.

For those seeking one of the best audio experiences possible, Apple TV and Disney+ are the top choices, as they provide Dolby Atmos for all subscribers. If you’re looking for a specific title only available on platforms such as Netflix or Max, you might need to upgrade your subscription to stream with Dolby Atmos.

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