The Prototype Dev Kit For The Original Xbox Looks Like An Old Desktop PC

The prototype development kit for the original Xbox looks like an old desktop PC from the 1990s, which makes sense for Microsoft because the company is also the creator of Windows.

Original Xbox creator Seamus Blackley responded to a post on Twitter showing a user having a wrap on their Xbox Series X that made the console look like an old desktop PC from three decades ago. Blackley showed a picture of what the prototype development kit looked like for Microsoft’s first console.

It’s shaped like a silver desktop PC with the words “Xbox development kit” on it, along with a power button and DVD drive. The middle of the prototype development kit sports a big green X logo, and the bottom has a small engraving that says “Alpha II.”

This isn’t the only Xbox development we’ve seen. The Xbox One X’s development kit was shown off in a video a few years ago.

The original Xbox was released in 2001 and Microsoft has been in the console space since then with the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and now Xbox Series X|S. Thanks to Xbox’s backwards compatibility program, you an still play some original Xbox games on Microsoft’s latest consoles.

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