Tesla Engineer Pinned Down and Attacked by Malfunctioning Robot at Giga Texas Factory in Austin, Sustains Injuries on Arm and Back With Trail of Blood: Reports

Austin, December 28: Tesla’s Austin factory ‘Gigafactory Texas’ is a large automobile manufacturing facility where reportedly over 20,000 employees work. According to the reports, a malfunctioning robot attacked a Tesla engineer at the Giga Texas Factory and injured the engineer. The reports said that two witnesses saw a fellow employee attacked by a robot that was designed to grab and move aluminium car parts.

According to the report by the New York Post, the workers who witnessed the event last month said that the Tesla engineer was pinned down by a robot and “sank its metal claws in his back and arm, leaving a trail of blood on the floor.”. As per the post by Fortune, the incident “offers a rare look into an oft-hidden part of the U.S. workplace—and a warning of what the future could look like as manufacturing becomes more and more automated.” Indian Government Directs Social Media Subsidiaries To Ban and Remove Illegal Loan and Betting Apps, MeitY Issues Advisory To Comply With IT Rules.

Tesla Engineer Attacked by a Robot at Giga Texas Factory:

The Tesla engineer was reportedly programming software to control robots to cut car parts from newly cut aluminium pieces. As per the reports, two of the robots were disabled; however, the third one was left on unnoticeably. Further it was mentioned in the reports that the robot kept moving and pinned the engineer against the surface. It then pushed its claws into his body and drew blood from his back and arm. As soon as the other worker hit an emergency stop button, the engineer could get out of the robot’s grip. The worker left a bleeding trail behind him. Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Pro Likely To Be Launched During MWC 2024: From Specifications to Features and Expected Price, Know Everything About Xiaomi’s Flagship Smartphones.

The reports mentioned that the Tesla engineer suffered a “laceration, cut or open wound” on his left hand. The engineer took the time off to heal as the injuries were not severe enough. According to the post by Fortune, Tesla’s Austin factory appeared more dangerous for workers than any other auto plant, and the source was quoted as The Information. As per reports, more than 21 workers were injured on the job in 2022. The reports said that Tesla declined to comment. 

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