Norman Lear died of cardiac arrest, death certificate says

Official details about the death of groundbreaking TV producer Norman Lear came to light Monday following the publication of his death certificate.

The informational copy of the document, published online by TMZ, confirmed that the 101-year-old Emmy winner died Dec. 5 at 6:21 p.m. following cardiopulmonary arrest — also known as cardiac arrest, or when the heart suddenly stops beating and the lungs stop functioning.

According to the vital record, the “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” co-creator had congestive heart failure for years, an underlying condition that led to his death.

Lear’s family announced his death on Dec. 6, saying he “passed away peacefully … surrounded by his family as we told stories and sang songs until the very end.” His publicist told The Times that he died at home .

“Norman lived a life in awe of the world around him,” his family added. “He marveled at his cup of coffee every morning, the shape of the trees outside his window and the sounds of beautiful music. But it was people — those he just met and those he knew for decades — who kept his mind and heart forever young.”

The document released Monday, which also said that Lear would be cremated, noted that the TV legend lived in Beverly Hills and had worked as a “writer-producer” in the entertainment industry for 80 years.

Indeed, Lear was one of the most successful and prolific producers in American TV history. The influential writer was remembered as such by his Hollywood peers but also for his notable commitments to liberal causes and for using his TV shows — the most prominent of which aired in the ’70s and ’80s — to tackle then-controversial subjects such as abortion, interracial marriage and LGBTQ+ rights.

Times staff writer Meredith Blake contributed to this report.

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