Nadia Calvino Appointed as New President of the European Investment Bank

In a historic move, Nadia Calvino has been named the new president of the European Investment Bank, taking office on January 1. She succeeds Werner Hoyer to become the eighth president of the EU bank. Notably, Calvino is the first woman and the first Spaniard to lead this prestigious institution, marking a significant milestone in the bank’s history.

President Calvino’s Distinguished Career

Before ascending to this prominent role, President Calviño had a noteworthy tenure as the first vice-president of the government of Spain and minister of economy, trade and enterprise. Her extensive experience extends to various influential positions within the European Commission. Here, she was entrusted with key responsibilities, including roles as deputy director general for financial services, deputy director general for competition, and director general in charge of the budget. Calviño’s early career was rooted in the Spanish ministry for the economy, where her focus areas included foreign trade, economic policy, and competition law.

Following in Werner Hoyer’s Footsteps

Calviño takes the helm from Werner Hoyer, who has been the face of the Bank since 2012. Under Hoyer’s leadership, the European Investment Bank gained a higher public profile, evolving notably into the EU climate bank, a significant shift in its strategic focus.

Educational Background of the New President

President Calviño’s academic background is as impressive as her professional trajectory. She is a trained economist, having obtained her degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Additionally, she holds a law degree from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, showcasing her diverse and comprehensive educational background.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Who became the new president of the European Investment Bank on January 1, 2024?

a) Werner Hoyer
b) Nadia Calvino
c) Diego Martinez
d) Ursula von der Leyen

2. Which significant milestone did Nadia Calvino achieve upon being appointed president?

a) Becoming the first president from Eastern Europe
b) Becoming the youngest president in the bank’s history
c) Becoming the first woman and first Spaniard to lead the bank
d) Becoming the longest-serving president of the bank

3. In what capacity did Nadia Calvino serve in the Spanish government before becoming president of the EIB?

a) Prime Minister
b) Minister of Foreign Affairs
c) Minister of Education
d) First Vice-President and Minister of Economy, Trade and Enterprise

4. In what areas did Nadia Calvino hold key positions within the European Commission?

a) Agriculture and Fisheries
b) Transport and Environment
c) Economic Affairs and Competition
d) Health and Consumer Protection

5. Which strategic shift did the European Investment Bank undergo under Werner Hoyer’s leadership?

a) Increased focus on supporting small and medium-sized businesses
b) Increased involvement in infrastructure development projects
c) Transformation into the EU climate bank
d) Expansion into new global markets

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