Kiara Advani’s yoga workout on International Yoga Day 2024: Detailed steps and health benefits of her go-to asana | Health

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi

Bollywood actor Kiara Advani woke up on Friday and chose to give us flexibility complex with her jaw-dropping backbend Yoga exercise while serving her hottest workout look on International Yoga Day 2024. As fitness freaks ourselves, we are totally in awe of the diva’s rigorous workout routine but one look at her robust morning exercise session and our Friday night plans have gone for a toss as we pledge to grind to get in shape.

Kiara Advani’s Yoga workout on International Yoga Day 2024: Detailed steps and health benefits (Photo by X/Instagram)

Taking to her social media handle, Kiara shared a bright picture of what looks like a flawless Chakrasana or backbend/wheel pose of yoga. Donning a sky blue sports bra that came with a band of orange to add a pop of colour to the athleisure wear, Kiara teamed it with a pair of dark blue yoga pants and pulled back her hair into a high ponytail to keep the tresses off her face while working out.

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Kiara Advani's Friday Yoga workout (Photo by Instagram)
Kiara Advani’s Friday Yoga workout (Photo by Instagram)


Exercising indoors, Kiara wished fans, “Happy Yoga Day”. The asanas featured in the picture is Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) that is performed to give great flexibility to the spine. Perform this only when your stomach and bowels are empty.


Lie down on your back and fold your legs at your knees to ensure that your soles are placed firmly on the floor and closer to your buttocks. Keep your feet hip-width apart and your palms facing the sky.

Inhale, balance your weight on your limbs and lift your entire body up to form an arch. Relax your neck keeping it long and allow your head to hang gently behind.

Hold onto the pose for as long as you are comfortable and then release by bending your arms, legs and gently lowering your back on the ground. Lie down in Shavasana for a few minutes before resuming.

Health benefits:

Chakrasana not only strengthens the buttocks, abdomen, vertebral column, human back, wrist, leg and arm but also sharpens the eyesight and reduces the stress and tension in the body. This exercise is especially beneficial for asthma patients since it expands the chest and the lungs get more oxygen.

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