Internship Experience at Additional District and Sessions Court

Name of the Student


College and Year of Study

Central University of Kashmir; 5th

Name and Address of the Organisation

Additional District and Sessions court Sopore under Advocate Owais peer.

Duration of Internship

15 days

How did you apply?

I applied for the internship by visiting in person advocate Owais peer’s chamber in Additional District and Sessions Court Sopore.

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

As it was an offline internship, My first day at the court internship was immersive. The grandeur of the courtroom was palpable. I shadowed a senior attorney, observed plea hearings, and assisted in case documentation. It was an insightful introduction to the legal world.

Main Tasks

I was tasked with observing preliminary hearings in criminal cases, took notes during the proceedings, and assisted in organizing case files. Witnessing the judicial process firsthand, I was able to grasp the complexity of legal arguments, the importance of evidence presentation, and the critical role of meticulous preparation in building a case. It was fascinating to see theory put into practice within the legal system.

Work Environment

The court environment was both formal and bustling. The air buzzed with activity as lawyers hurriedly prepared cases, clerks organized paperwork, and individuals awaited their hearings. The atmosphere held a sense of gravity and purpose, with the courtrooms exuding a dignified aura, setting the tone for the day’s legal proceedings.

Good Things

What struck me most was the meticulous attention to detail and the swift, precise communication among legal professionals. Witnessing the rapid exchange of legal arguments and the importance of comprehensive case preparation left a lasting impression. The sheer intensity of the legal proceedings and the strategic thinking required by attorneys to navigate complex cases were both impressive and somewhat surprising, highlighting the rigorous demands of the legal profession.

Bad Things

One aspect that left a less favourable impression was the occasional tension in the courtroom. At times, the adversarial nature of legal proceedings led to heightened emotions and contention between parties. While understandable given the nature of legal disputes, witnessing such confrontations initially felt somewhat disconcerting. However, it also underscored the necessity for professionalism, respect, and the delicate balance required in the legal process.


It was an unpaid internship, so no stipend was given.

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