In Pursuit of Happiness

Did you know people fall into one of three groups?

Let me explain…

Martin Seligman is a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

In one of his studies on happiness, he found that people fall into one of three categories:

1. Pleasure Seekers

These are individuals who seek happiness on a daily basis.

People in this category seek happiness through consumption – buying things or buying experiences.

They purchase expensive cars, expensive homes, boats, planes, the latest gadgets, furniture, clothes, etc.

They also spend their money on experiences: exotic vacations, cruises, travel to foreign countries, skydiving, Las Vegas to gamble, helicopter skiing, amusement parks, running with the bulls, etc.

They pursue the acquisition of things or experiences that result in immediate gratification.

For these individuals, happiness is always elusive.

Once the novelty of their purchase wears off or the experience ends, they are back to being unhappy.

2. Dream Seekers

These are individuals who pursue some dream.

They immerse themselves for years in activities that will one day pay dividends in the form of realizing a dream.

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