How to Reverse a Video on Your iPhone

Want to reverse a video clip to present a flashback effect, create engaging visuals to sync with the music, or “undo” a handcrafted masterpiece to show how it was meticulously put together? Read on to learn how to reverse a video on your iPhone.

How to Reverse iPhone Videos Using CapCut

iOS doesn’t offer a built-in method to reverse a video on your iPhone (yet), so you’ll need to use a third-party app like CapCut. There are plenty of video editing apps for iPhone, but CapCut makes it so easy to reverse any video on your device. Use the link below to install the app and follow our instructions:

Download: CapCut (Free, subscription available)

  1. Launch the app and go to the Edit tab from the bottom menu.
  2. Tap the blue + New project button.
  3. Browse and select the video you want to reverse. Then tap Add.
  4. Tap Edit (scissor icon) from the bottom toolbar. Scroll horizontally along the list. Find and tap the Reverse effect.

Once the Reverse Applied message pops up, you can be sure that CapCut has successfully reversed your video. Tap the Export icon (an underlined arrow) at the top-right corner to save the reversed video to the Photos app on your iPhone.

Removing the Watermark From Your Reversed Video

You probably noticed that CapCut automatically adds a watermark to the end of your reversed video. Typically, you’d need to rely on free online video watermark removal tools to get rid of that. But CapCut lets you remove its watermark for free.

Before exporting your video, select the black clip in your video timeline. This black clip contains the CapCut watermark. Then, from the bottom toolbar, choose Delete to remove the watermark. You can then export your reversed video using the same steps above.

Besides CapCut, you can edit and reverse videos on similar apps like Splice. Although Apple also has its own video editing app called iMovie, the video reverse tool is only available in the macOS version of the app. So for now, the only way to reverse a video on your iPhone is by using third-party apps.

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