How to Join a Minecraft Java Server From Bedrock Using GeyserMC

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions are written in different programming languages, but the GeyserMC mod allows Bedrock players to join Java servers.
  • You can set up a free crossplay server using a hosting site like Aternos, and install GeyserMC on it.
  • The GeyserMC mod has limitations, such as mod compatibility and certain gameplay features, but it still allows for enjoyable crossplay between Java and Bedrock editions.

Want to enable Minecraft Java crossplay for Bedrock players? Here’s what you need to know about letting Bedrock players join Java servers while using the GeyserMC mod!

Why Can’t Minecraft Bedrock Players Join Minecraft Java Servers Normally?

Image Credit: Jhet Borja/MUO

You’ve probably been disappointed to find out that you and your friend aren’t playing the same editions of Minecraft and can’t play together. While there are plenty of other ways to play Minecraft with friends, crossplay between Java and Bedrock isn’t something that comes up often.

This is because the Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions aren’t written in the same programming language. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is written in C++ while the Java Edition is written in Java, as its name suggests.

C++ is a more efficient language, which is why Bedrock is available on various platforms, like Android, iOS, and consoles. Java is less efficient in comparison, hence the need for a PC to run it smoothly.

However, the GeyserMC mod takes the C++ information and translates it to Java, emulating a Java Minecraft client. This allows Bedrock Edition players to join Java Edition servers and play as if they were on the same version of the game.

How Minecraft Bedrock Edition Players Can Join Java Edition Servers

Two Minecraft versions open at the same time
Image Credit: Jhet Borja

This process involves both versions of Minecraft running at the same time on one computer, connected to the same Java server. We’ll show you how to create a server that you can join whether you’re playing Minecraft’s Java or Bedrock Edition.

1. Set Up a Server

Firstly, you should set up a server on Aternos. Aternos is a free third-party server hosting service that has everything you need to set up a server to allow crossplay between Java and Bedrock.

Aternos Create a Server button

Once you’ve made an account on Aternos, click on Create to create a server and name it. Make sure to choose Java Edition on the blue bar above.

Alternatively, you can host your Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi.

2. Install GeyserMC

Choosing Minecraft Software on Aternos

Now that you’ve made your server, don’t turn it on yet. First, head to Software, then choose Paper/Bukkit on the software selection screen.

Installing Minecraft Software on Aternos

Click on the Install button to add PaperMC to your server.

Choosing Geyser plugin on Aternos

Next, head to Plugins. Search for GeyserMC and choose GeyserMC.

Installing Geyser plugin on Aternos

Finally, click on the small download icon to the very right of the most recent or compatible version.

For your locally run server, head to and download GeyserMC from there. In case you need to learn how to install the GeyserMC plugin, check out how to install plugins through Bukkit. If your existing server has a lot of mods already, you’ll have to check for compatibility and the limitations of crossplaying between Java and Bedrock Edition

Once that’s all done, you can now turn on and connect to your server in the next step.

3. Join the Minecraft Java Server on Bedrock Edition

MUO Aternos server start button

On the main server screen, click Start to turn on the server. You can find the server connection details by clicking on Connect just below the server name. Copy the IP and port for the next step.

Joining Minecraft Java server from Bedrock

On Minecraft Bedrock Edition, click on the Servers tab, scroll all the way down, and click the Add Server button.

Pasting server IP details on Bedrock Edition

Add the server IP and port into the appropriate text boxes and name the server. Click on either Save or Play. Doing either will add the server to your list of servers in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The Limitations of the GeyserMC Mod

While Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition are quite similar, there are major differences that the GeyserMC Mod creators can’t do anything about.

One of the biggest issues is mod compatibility. Mods aren’t something that can be easily translated to different versions of Minecraft. You’ll be limited by simpler mods, like ones that a vanilla Java Edition player can still join.

There are also more fundamental limitations that have no workarounds, like crafting in the 2×2 menu in creative mode, distinguishing between left and right clicks in the inventory, and a bunch more. You can check out the list of the latest limitations on the official GeyserMC wiki to find out all the limitations they know about.

While it has limitations, this can rarely get in the way of having fun. Now you don’t have to be worried that you and your friend have different versions of Minecraft. We hope this guide has helped you enjoy Minecraft with your friends no matter what they’re playing on.

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