Destiny 2 Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow – How To Start The Starcrossed Exotic Mission

The latest week of Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish brings a new Exotic weapon into the game for players to chase: Wish-Keeper, a new Exotic bow. This one is similar to past seasonal Exotics, like Vexcalibur and Retrofit Zero, in that you’ll earn the opportunities to craft different versions over time as you replay its Exotic mission, Starcrossed.

You won’t find the mission as soon as you boot up Destiny 2 this week, however. In order to unlock the Starcrossed mission, you’ll need to advance the seasonal story, the Wishing All The Best quest line, so if you’ve been neglecting your duties in The Coil and Riven’s Lair, you’ll need to catch up on past weeks first.

Next, complete this week’s seasonal mission, Apophasis. That’ll take you through the story of the Vex of the Sol Divisive making a play for Ahamkara eggs in Riven’s Lair. Once you’ve beaten that mission, return to the HELM and talk to Crow, who will tell you that the Vex have absconded to the Black Garden with one of Riven’s eggs. That’ll unlock the Exotic mission on the Director, which you can access from the HELM.

We’ll fill in more details about Starcrossed and Wish-Keeper as we find them in the game, so stay tuned.

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