Call Of Duty: MW3 Adds Meme Bundle That Pokes Fun At “Update Requires Restart” Prompt

The newest Call of Duty DLC bundle is available now, and it’s a meme, basically. The centerpiece of the “Insert Coin Mastercraft” bundle for Modern Warfare III and Warzone is the Arcade Rhythm submachine gun, which features an animation on it referencing Call of Duty’s infamous “update requires restart” prompt.

Call of Duty fans know this prompt all too well, and Activision is now leaning into the meme (and making money off it) with this DLC bundle. The animation not only displays the prompt but it also shows your soldier smashing the A button to advance through it and then throwing their hands out and bashing the weapon to express frustration over the issue. This might be too real for some. Here’s the animation in action, courtesy of CharlieIntel.

The Insert Coin Mastercaft bundle, which costs 2,400 COD Points ($20), is themed around arcade games. The weapon has a green tracer effect and when you kill an enemy, they fall apart in little green blocks meant to represent pixels from games of old.

The bundle includes a new Operator, High Score, who is wearing a gaming headset with a skateboard strapped to their back. The Operator wears multicolored pants and a red jacket, as well as a yellow head band seemingly meant to evoke an ’80s vibes. The finishing move is called Neck Trauma, and that’s pretty self explanatory. The bundle also comes with a Retro Cabinet emblem and a weapon charm that takes the form of a small arcade cabinet.

All of this was leaked back in December when the Season 1 update went live and dataminers did their thing.

In other Call of Duty news, the new Vortex event is going on now, bringing with it eerie sci-fi versions of Rust, Quarry, and Shipyard, featuring a one-hit-kill Ray Gun that players fight for control of.

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