Am I Capable Of Love? Quiz

Have you ever gazed at a couple holding hands, a flicker of envy sparking in your chest? Or does the thought of someone holding your hand leave you feeling nervous and worried about independence? Perhaps somewhere in between, you’re tangled in a web of conflicting desires – yearning for connection while guarding your heart like a fortress.

This ‘Am I Capable of Love Quiz’ quiz, carefully crafted by Dhriti Bhavsar, a relationship counselor and psychologist, aims to be your guiding light on this journey for self-discovery. Within a quick 10 minutes, you’ll delve into the hidden corners of your heart and measure your dating readiness.

Do you have a fear of love? This fear can take two forms.You may question your ability to love someone, asking yourself, ‘Am I capable of loving someone?’ Or maybe you’re feeling unsure of yourself and wondering, ‘Can I be loved?’.

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So, are you ready to embark on this introspective journey? Find a quiet spot, silence your phone, and let’s dive into the heart of who you are. Remember, the answers lie within, waiting to be discovered.

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