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BENGALURU:  As we bid farewell to 2023, Bengaluru’s bustling food and beverage scene continues to showcase the city’s culinary prowess. The year was marked by a significant transformation, featuring the launch of swanky restaurants, the surge of the millet revolution, the adoption of plant-based menus, the thriving microbrewery scene, the flourishing of craft beverages, and the evolution of experiential dining. 

Delving deeper into the fabric of Bengaluru’s F&B landscape, distinguishing trends included technological integration, celebration of authentic regional cuisine, community involvement, innovations in food delivery, zero-waste initiatives, and an increasing focus on mindful dining. We sought insights from industry experts, obtaining a firsthand account of their observations as they experienced the unfolding of 2023. 

Managing partner of Daysie: All Day Casual Bar, Anirudh Kheny, emphasised Bengaluru’s culinary scene, highlighting its commitment to a wide range of flavours by combining regional, local, and worldwide cuisines. Bengaluru has seen the emergence of specialised cuisine-focused restaurants, fine dining venues with outstanding menus, and unique concepts such as speakeasies. Leading Indian and international food and beverage brands are drawn to the city, demonstrating their willingness to offer a wide range of culinary experiences.

The vibrant and diverse food and beverage scene of Bengaluru was highlighted by JP Singh, executive chef at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield. He brought to the fore the celebration of local and regional cuisine, sustainability, creative food concepts, tech integration, health-conscious dining, and the thriving café culture.

Chef-turned-entrepreneur Tarun Sibal echoed the sentiment, complimenting Bengaluru on its shift to food stories driven by content, with a variety of F&B formats and blockbuster openings. The new airport terminal’s international restaurant brand openings increased the city’s culinary appeal.

Bengaluru’s pleasant transition was underlined by Debaditya Chaudhury, the managing director and founder of Chowman, particularly in speciality coffee shops and craft breweries. Sustainability became the main focus, signifying an attempt to protect the environment, while culinary innovation broke down conventional barriers.

This year’s travellers showed a great passion for regional cuisine, according to Hyatt Centric head chef Gaurav Ramakrishnan. In the metropolis, tea-infused mocktails, cocktails, and fermented brews gained popularity in the city.

The Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golflinks’ Sourav Chowdhury, manager of food and beverage, highlighted the revolutionary development in Bengaluru’s F&B market by emphasising sustainability, robust online presence, and Instagram-worthy dining options. Businesses that were well-established online and provided flawless delivery services prospered by adapting to the changing demands of their tech-savvy clientele.

According to the annual trends report by a leading food delivery app, the most popular dish ordered in 2023 was biryani, which was closely followed by idli, and chocolate cake. Co-founder and director of World of Brands Gurpreet Singh praised the astounding growth in the number of new food and beverage enterprises, particularly in the wake of challenges induced by Covid. Noteworthy trends included the surge in gin popularity, the promising trajectory of tequila growth, and the establishment of friendly neighbourhood bars.

In summary, 2023 has proven to be an exceptional year for all stakeholders in Bengaluru’s food and beverage chain. Chefs, proprietors, suppliers, content curators, and diners alike shared in the delightful experiences of the past year, setting the stage for an even more dynamic gastronomic landscape of 2024.

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